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Disablity Network : A quick Overview

15% of the worlds population is experiencing some kind of disability. Impairment can be either physical, mental, cognitive, emotional or developmental. Sometimes in combination with these. Disability can be a natural phenomena of life, one should accept all its consequences and the challenges behind the survival of physically disabled persons. In our society lots of difficulties are being faced by these disables, but on the other side physically challenged people have a strong will power to face the society and answer their questions.

Disablity Network

Disablity Network



Different types of Disabilities


  1. Physical: People with impaired physical functions, mobility, stamina, blindness, etc. They are incapable of accepting day to day challenges.


  1. Emotional: People are emotionally challenged with limited assets. They are incapable of recognizing, and controlling emotions.


  1. Developmental: People suffering from Fragile X syndrome, down syndrome and other inherited disorders are fall under developmental disability.

Discrimination due to disabilities

Discrimination is considered as an illegal function against any kind of limitations, whether it is based on caste, creed ,color or disability. The lateral view about disability is differ from society to society.  Physically or mentally challenged people are highly humiliated on being disable or incapable of doing their jobs.


To harass you or to victimize you are ways of discrimination. This can be possible at :


  1. At work place
  2. In education
  3. During accessing public transport
  4. Private and corporate jobs
  5. During buying properties



Organizations working for Disability Networks

Disability network serves several programs to help people with disability and their family. Their numerous world wide organizations working on disability, some of the famous are:



  1. World Health Organization(WHO)
  2. Disabled People International (DPI)
  3. Disabled People’s Organization (DPO)
  4. Disability India Network (DIN)
  5. NGO’s and UN Agencies


And several other communities are working to improve the scenario among the disables.Several programs have been introduced to upfront the disable people towards career, jobs and other reservations.



Disability in India


Around 55 -90 million of the people out of the present population are disabled with their functions. Most of the population comes from the rural areas where there is lack of care and concern by the society. On the other hand, people with limitations are being discriminated not on their social, economical, religious, political but on the basis of their physical and mental capabilities and this is one of the most negative opinion of Indian society.


Different Programs On Disability In India

To overcome the discrimination and limitations, Department of Disability Affairs has conducted several Programs and Schemes for disables, so that they are equally treated and have all the advantages like the other individuals :


  1. National Overseas Scholarships for disables children for higher studies in India and Abroad
  2. Establishment of colleges for deaf in every state.
  3. Free Purchase of Aids/Devices for elderly health care
  4. Updating disabled population every year


Moreover, handicapped mostly need to be independent for themselves, they can work, eat walk and perform daily routine. All the elderly care things like wheel chair and crutches helps to be themselves and strong enough to do anything for their survival and their own identity. The feeling of being independent and strong should possibly brought by the society itself.


Things to be taken care with disables:


  1. Have pride in what they are able to do.
  2. Ask them for any assistance.
  3. Make them realize they are equally stronger.
  4. No discrimination, no harassment.